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Boris Grönemeyer has over 30 years of experience in the digital creative space as an award-winning producer, storyteller, concept developer, technical project manager, and consultant for everybody from small start-ups to multi-national corporations.

Boris has been active in Technology, Marketing and Design, Music Videos and TV-Advertising since the early ‘90s.

Boris-Alexander Grönemeyer

Current Activities

Boris is active in a variety to fields, but his core motivation stays the same:
Delivering an honest and down-to-earth customer-centric experience.

• Managing dırector
• Founder

Boris worked in Product Development for New Media for Germany's most prominent private TV network - RTL Television.

While being Head of Product Development at MPFC Brand Agency, he was responsible for producing the world's first interactive Internet-based TV station for German Telekom in 2003.

These decades of experience are applied with each new challenge presented.

Boris Grönemeyer Consulting (BGC) is your one-stop-shop for Concept, Design, Project Planning and Execution.

Guaranteed Completions
• head of TECHNICAL and DIGITAL Risk Management
• Managing dırector

Guaranteed Completions provides Risk Management Services for the Entertainment Industry. It enables Investors and Financiers to invest in Films and TV Productions with Security, Trust and Transparency.

Guaranteed Completions' offer includes one of the leading European Completion Bond Insurances.

King of Salt
• Managing dırector
• Founder

King of Salt is a small family-owned Manufacture of Gourmet Salt. By hand 200-million-year old ancient ocean water, which never has been rock salt, is made into salt crystals, but also mixed with different juices and offered as innovative salt-spray.

Handmade in Germany since 2012.

Stormcell Entertainment
• Managing dırector
• Founder

Stormcell Entertainment engages in various types of media, creating worlds by telling Stories.

(Coming soon)
• Head of Data and analytics
• Co-Founder

Intectus is an Insurance Company for Media Production Risks.

While details are still kept under wraps, expect to learn more in the next few month.

Giving back
• Speaker
• presenter
• Mentor

Boris loves to share knowledge in a structured way, which one can follow along easily. He lectures about Film Production,
Media Technology and Marketing.

Prior speaking and lecture engagements include:

• Berlin School of Economics and Law
• Shanghai Film Art Academy
(where Boris is a Guest Professor)
• Southern Media Corporation (SMC), China
• various Events and Trade-Shows

In addition, Boris mentors a small circle of upcoming Film Producers and Entrepreneurs.